How to Turn XSI Mod Tool into a Level Editor for your XNA Games: Updated for XNA 3.0.


Last year I wrote a tutorial explaining how to use XSI Mod Tool as a level editor, specifically for XNA. Below is the same tutorial, updated for XNA 3.0. There are only a few minor changes:

  • You need not copy compiled assets from the batch file as before.
  • A section is included that describes how to use the content pipeline classes for easy reading of XML files (useful for level files, etc.).

I also corrected quite a few typos.


The article Integrating Your XNA Engine With XSI ModTool is very relevant to this tutorial. Among other things, it explains how to make XNA shaders work in XSI.


PDF Tutorial

How to Turn XSI Mod Tool into a Level Editor for your XNA Games v3.pdf (463 KB)


(XSI Plug-in and C# code. Includes the tutorial PDF) (5.2 MB).

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    1. @Eric Not specifically, but most of it should work for 7.5 as well, as far as I know. (If it does not, let me know and I’ll have a look).

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